Medication Turn Baby In To A Gorilla.

The four-month-old baby shown in the pictures is suffering from an unusual situation due to a rare genetic condition. Long hair is growing on the body of the infant as a result of medication given to him for treating the genetic illness. The baby boy’s name is Mateo Hernandez. He was diagnosed with congenital hyperinsulinism when he attended the age of one. In this condition what happens is the pancreas starts to produce excessively high levels of insulin and the sugar levels of the patients start to decline. This condition is so rare that this only happens to affect only 1 per 50000 babies.

Baby gorilla

The baby’s parents Bri Shelby and Jared Hernandez thought things might go better if they go for the treatment. well, it happened but with good things come bad things too. the babies health improved but some unusual side effects started to show up. The baby came into the lights when a police officer shared the baby’s pictures on the social media platform TikTok. few foul-mouthed people even made insensitive comments on the baby to which I would say they should be punished for that…

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