Try listening to your inner voice

The inner voice is the call of conscience or the signal from God. People say that the Divine dwells within you and gives you corrective signals when you tend to go in the wrong direction.

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The inner voice is really a hint from the supreme spiritual power who is all pervasive. He, being subtler than your soul, pervades even you and knows all your thought processes in a real time setting. He knows your every ambition, every plan, every decision or half deci sion and every dilemma.

He, being om niscient, knows the truth of everything and the right and wrong of every matter. Being your preceptor and protector, he has to guide you at every step. He knows that you are weak and fallible, limited by intellect. Hence, it is but natural that He will provide his guiding signal for your course correction. It is up to you to heed

His voice or ignore it, because you are free to chart your way forward through life. A man is a composite of corporeal

body, mind, intellect, five cognitive senses, five action senses, ego and the soul. The Supreme gives his guidance signals to the soul. But the other faculties in the human being such as the mind, intellect, ego, senses, along with the

physical body, are all susceptible to pollution. The pollutants come thro ugh air, water and food and of the mind like anger, pride, lust and passion come from the same material nature. The intellect also gets vitiated through banal influences which undermine its power to discriminate, analyse, understand and articulate. With such corrupting influences affecting the human being,the receptivity to divine signals from within weakens.

We often use the term conscience. This conscience is nothing but our soul and the vast spiritual sea in which it exists, and which also pervades it. That spiritual sea

is God who eternally remains with it. It is, therefore, more than clear that we need to purge our body, mind and intellect of the filth that is accumulated from time to time. We also need to keep our ego and senses free from corruption. The corrupting elements render divine sig nals imperceptible in a similar way as sound messages are difficult to hear in extraneous noise.

The influences of these material

The inner voice is unmistakably the voice of our master and the Divine mentor. He is engaged every moment in facilitating our welfare and progress. The

means of such facilitation are often painful for us. But these are all purification processes. Our ultimate destination is divine bliss. To attain that, we need to fulfil all our mundane desires or overcome them. And the Supreme helps us exactly in this process.

The inner voice is a silent message flashing through the mind which we car heed and benefit from. But driven by emotional impulses of vanity, passion, anger or greed, we unwittingly ignore this voice and suffer the consequences.

Yoga and meditation are practical tools to purify the mind and make us receptive to our inner voice of conscience Armed with true knowledge and a healthy mind dwelling in a healthy body we shall have nothing to fear. The inviolable system of retribution set in by our master is continually and inexorably purifying us and refining us whatever we do or not do.

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