If you are Housewives or a person who loves to do work from home. You are in the right place.Yes, there are many jobs around the world. Here is list of jobs that can pay you an interesting amount.

so here are best 10 work from home jobs best suited for mom,housewifes and students.



If your brains works super fast and can handle all the coding task. You can definitely work as a programmer. A good programmer can earn a very attractive salary up-to $62 per hour. If you can code in ruby language it would be more.

Writer/ Blogger

If you have a command over a language and you love writing. You can be a blogger. Blogger writes for various websites and websites pay them. You have to select a niche like travel, beauty, lifestyle and many more in whichever you are interested. And go ahead.An average freelancer writer earns $25/hr.

Online Tutor

If you like teaching,you can teach online too. Various educational websites seeks for online tutor and you can be the one. Many pay you per hour from $6.50 to $18.


A proofreader checks grammar, error, typographical errors. The demand for proofreaders has increased. And if you have a high level of skill in written English, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation, then you are fit for this job. You can expect to make between $25-$45 per hour as a proofreader.

Web designer

Web designers are responsible for making front end of website using images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to do so. A Web Designer can earn upto average salary $3113 per month.


In this job, you have to listen to audio files such as lectures or doctors’ medical dictations and then have to type what you hear. It’s an entry-level gig that can pay up to $25 an hour.

Virtual assistant

A job of virtual assistant is to provide various services to businesses from a remote location.From scheduling appointments, digital tasks to managing marketing events.If you have skills like Word Processing, oral communication,computer, quick thinking,writing skills.There is no fix charge, it depends on work done. It can from $1 to over $100 per hour.

Graphic Design

If you are creative enough with colors, then graphic design is there for you. Design your own prints and sell on Etsy and many other sites. It’s a good platform to show your creativity. A talented Graphic designer can earn $17.20/ hour.

Design T-Shirt

If you have knowledge about fashion trends then this is a better option. Design T-shirt and as people will buy. You will make money. There are various platforms like Red bubble, Tee spring where you can design and can earn money.

Copy Writing

he job of a copywriter is to write an advertisement for various companies
Also, text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails & catalogs.copywriter can earn $35k to $60k per year.

these jobs are easy and you and learn these skills quickly work from home is now days a better option then going outside for work , so try out these work from home jobs if you are a mom, housewife or an students and get and earn some real cash .

So if you are the one who feel comfortable working from home, you can choose from the above and can earn lots of bucks.

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