Are you not happy because of your belly fat. So you are not alone here to deal with this, there are several people just like you.
Before knowing how to reduce, let us know what is belly fat?
Excess fat surrounding your stomach is known as Belly fat.

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Is Belly fat dangerous to our body ? Excess of fat is dangerous to our body. You can face certain health issues like cancer and type 2 diabetes. So, it is necessary to get rid of belly fat.

There are several tips to lose belly fat.

Belly fat exercise

Exercise is the savior of everything. When it comes to dealing with belly fat, there are many different exercises that can help you to reduce your belly fat. Exercise like Burpees, mountain climbers, Ball Burpees tends to decrease the greater amount of visceral fat in your body.Also, you can Join a dance class like Zumba.

Eat soluble fiber

If you want to fulfill your hunger, Increase fiber in your daily routine. Eat more fibrous food. For example- whole-grain breads, oats, beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits etc. This will not only satisfies your hunger but also will help you to lose your belly fat.

Stress Stress Stress

In Today’s corporate world, people face alot of stress and Stress is ultimately related to Huge belly fat. A Doctor says, Meditation is Medicine of stress.
Do meditation regularly. You can reduce your stress and ultimately your belly fat too.

Avoid drinking alcohol

– Including a cocktail in your lifestyle may sound rich, but it stores a lot of visceral fat in the body. While skipping cocktail may help you to lose belly fat.

Say no to sugary foods

Sugary Foods are the one which carries a lot of sugar in it. Avoid having Fruit Juice, Spaghetti Sauce, Chocolate Milk, Granola, Flavored Coffees, Protein bars, cereal bars, Canned Fruit. These all Sugary foods increases the belly fat.Say a big No to them.


Yes, Sleep plays a big role in Belly fat. Studies have shown that a person who gets a proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours are less likely to suffer belly fat than the one who sleep less than 5 hours per night.So Make sure you’re having quality sleep.


– A change in lifestyle can brings a change in life. If you face health issues, it somehow reflects your lifestyle too. Adopt certain changes in your daily life to get rid of belly fat. Like a combination of walking and yoga can bring a great result. Remember, Aerobic Exercise is Gems of reducing belly fat.Practicing spinning, running, swimming, hiking can help you up.

List of food help to burn belly fat

– By adding Avocados, Bananas, Chickpeas, Yogurt, Berries, Oats, Nuts, Chocolate Skim Milk, Tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, cucumber, Pumpkin, Green Tea to your Diet will make you feel happy as your tummy fat will Disappear.

Don’t Skip Meals

– Yes, you heard it right, people often think that by skipping meals they will automatically reduce fat. But it doesn’t happen so. By skipping the meals you are adding more fat in your body instead of reducing it. As you skip the meal, your body needs the energy to operate but there is nothing stored more because your body knows you will consume food but it doesn’t happen so as you are skipping the meal. Now what your body does, your body will store extra fat, so that whenever you skip a meal that extra fat can be used up. Don’t skip your meal.

By following these tips, you can definitely get rid of your belly fat

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