There can be certain reasons once dealing with stress. It can be a career tension, exam pressure, admission in top rank college, job pressure, loss in business, family issues, health problems, Love-life and several other reasons.

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So if you are facing any of them, You are not alone here, everyone face.
As we are growing, our problems are also growing with us. But don’t worry every problem has a solution.

Self-Love is essential

Yes, you heard is right, Self-Love is a must. There is a famous phrase, “If you don’t love yourself. No one will love you. “
Give yourself a time to think that, what is that particular thing which is making you Hollow from inside.
Self-Love is all about loving yourself so much.
And you will love yourself by making yourself happy.
So, do things which make you happy.

Being talkative

alk to your trustworthy friends, share your problems with them. Sometimes sharing problems is a best way to deal with stress.

Say No to Addiction- Addiction can be of anything like drugs, alcohol, weed, cigarette.
Avoid having such things in stress. I know many people say, it reduces stress. Remember one thing, temporary it may work but not permanently. It also will give you more health-related problems.

Time Management

It is one of the biggest tasks, managing time is not everyone’s cup of tea. So do one thing,
Make a To-do list, write the most important tasks on the top, and work accordingly. I bet, you will feel happy by accomplishing each task.

Diary is Your Best Friend

If you have no person around you to share your problems. Do write in a Diary.
If you have problems, Identify it, write it and ask answer to yourself. You’ll get it.


Take a break from the things that are causing you harm. Like news, media.

Go on vacation

Whenever stress overlaps you. You should divert your mind. For example- Go for a solo trip Or join a travel group, enjoy your vacation. And get back with a positive, energetic and boost full vibe.

Help Help Help

If you are seeking help, Do visit a counselor or a Psychiatrists. They will help you get out of stress.


Always maintain a positive Vibes, attitude towards everything. If you feel, things are not good. Always remember, things are always not the same. There will be rising sun.

Eat healthy, Live Healthy!

-If your mind is full of stress, Give your mind a Good taste. Healthy food develops a healthy mind
And in the end, the main thing matter is your health. If your health is good, it means your brain will function well. And at last, you will be free from stress.

Relaxation is must

Give time to your mind to Relax. As our body needs to relax in the same manner, Our mind needs time too.
Your mind can relax by meditating, doing Yoga, tai-chi for managing stress, and also with Exercise.
For a mindful set, Practise Meditation is also known as the medicine of stress.

Quality Time & Quality sleep

The Two most important aspects of dealing with stress. Spend some quality time with your loved ones and if you don’t have them, visit an orphanage. You’ll feel good.
Every day you sleep. But if you are not taking a quality sleep. Your sleep has no value.
For a healthy and stress-free mind, quality sleep is a must. And remember your body needs time to recover from stress.

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