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MeWe Group Germany is a Next-Generation Social Network that values its users’ privacy. There are no advertisements. There is no spyware. There’s no BS here. Your world is not for sale.

Sgrouples Inc.’s uplifting next-generation social network, MeWe Group Germany, is a mobile and desktop technical tour de force for 1:1 and group connection.

MeWe Group is a fun social network that allows you to connect genuinely online, in the same manner, you do offline: with people you know and like, and with individuals who have comparable interests or hobbies.

Highly customizable newsfeeds, chats, a unique custom camera, disappearing content, stories, next-gen voice messaging, live voice and live video, personal cloud storage, pages, custom group profiles, private and open groups, GIFs, memes, doodles, 2,800+ free emojis, and much more enhance your experience.

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • There will be no illegal porn (child, animal, etc…). NO Erectile Dysfunction Photographs!
  • No theft or re-posting of images from this group will be permitted. You’re out if we even suspect it.
  • If you’re only chatting to one person and want them to view the photo, ask them if you may contact them and private chat with them before sending it.
  • Before initiating a private chat or adding them as a contact, always ask! DON’T BE NERVOUS.
  • Participate! Non-active members are most likely lurkers or photo stealers, and they will be blacklisted.
  • Rideshare! We now have a post in the group to help folks connect with other members who are looking to share a ride. If you are in need of a ride or are ready to give one. Ple ase make a post there. If a member says no, then no.
  • These regulations have a purpose. It’s to keep you as secure as possible so you may have fun and post without fear. Isn’t that why you’re here, after all? We have zero-tolerance for anyone who violates these standards. You will be removed from the group as well as all other groups affiliated with the admins! We have many friends who are admins/owners, and the ramifications may be seen in their communities as well. It’s a tight net of admins keeping everyone safe and having fun in groups.
  • We are not doing this to gain power. It’s for your protection and to make you feel at ease.

Me-We Group Germany users have complete control over what they share, as well as complete ownership of their material and data. The next-generation social networking site lacks facial recognition, as well as newsfeed and content manipulation features seen on existing social media platforms.

Me-We users view every post, conversation, remark, and so on made by persons, pages, and groups with whom they are linked in chronological order.

You have complete control over who gets and views your posts. Because there is no way to promote anything on Me-We, you can be confident that your postings will be shared only with users with whom you have a connection.

Me-We Group Germany does not eavesdrop on your private postings since we find it strange how other firms do things like that.









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