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In a world where the genuineness and public opinion of social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook are ever changing, one wants just to retract to a simplistic yet well built social media app with groups for everything you could be interested in, and that is where MeWe comes in.

MeWe Netherlands is an app service available for both your mobile phone and your web browser. MeWe has a professional layout that’s easy to understand and use. The user interface is designed to be comfortable and pleasing for the user, with an algorithm that focuses on only displaying what you want to see. This could be anything from friends’ posts to new potential chatrooms to join.

Further, the app is completely advertisement free! That means no pesky pop ups bothering your time to relax. The app requires no payments from the user and is immune to hackers and breaches as well.

Netherland mewe groups

MeWe Netherlands is completely secure. The top priority and the distinguishing feature of MeWe is zero breach of privacy. All posts are displayed in chronological order for the same. MeWe also has all the revolutionary features that brings the best features from social media services like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Reddit. Namely, customisable newsfeeds, ample chatrooms, custom camera, disappearing photos and texts, audio messaging and more.

Users have a vast variety of GIFs, memes, doodles to implement in their chats with friends. The app has over 2800 emojis that are all free to use. A true upgrade if there ever was one!

Rules and Regulations:

MeWe Netherlands groups has a set of mandatory rules kept in place to avoid mayhem, chaos and cyber bullying. All members must abide to these rules to create a comfortable environment for everyone. The rules are as follows:

  • The Age limit is 21 years. This is set due to the more side of MeWe Netherlands groups. Any sort of Pornography or Illegal imagery is not allowed on the groups. Report any such activities to the administrators if you come across it.
  • Do not send any inappropriate images of yourself or others without the consent of the receivers.
  • Sharing any information, imagery or slander pertaining to other group members is strictly forbidden. This could lead to a temporary or a permanent ban.
  • Any form or shaming or discrimination will not be tolerated. Body shaming, transphobia, homophobia, and cyber bullying will result in permanent ban and members are requested to report any such activity.
  • Do not post unnecessary links on the groups. Links to the dark web are not allowed.
  • Theft of private information, forgeries or reposting videos and images is frowned upon and will not be encouraged.
  • MeWe Netherlands groups encourage all users to promote and participate actively in the group activities. Aside from following community guidelines, we encourage you to enjoy yourself and find the perfect friend groups for yourselves!

MeWe Netherlands services are designed with the aim to help people socialise and unite through common interests, and at the same time making sure the consumer’s sense of security and their privacy is preserved. We think of ourselves simply as service providers and not middlemen, so none of your content or information will be pryed on.

So download MeWe today and unlock a whole new side of the social media industry free for you to avail!

Netherlands mewe groups joining links :

Heebalt : JOIN





SoloL : JOIN




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