Latest updates corona virus (COVID 19)

Wuhan originated or china originated virus brought a breakdown in almost all in the world.

In December 2019 this virus showed its mark in the city Wuhan, At that moment the world was totally unaware of the fact that incoming time the world is going to be in a piece of silence sheet where everyone has to work according to the Mother Earth.

This virus brought a terrific effect on every sector of the economy more while affecting the asset i.e., human health.

Various countries like UK, Spain, Italy positioned at the top of their immense medical research and technology, but this virus frost very big power to work upon.

Now every country is marking their best to create vaccines, but still, this communicable virus is at its peak for creating its multiple bodies


Until the present this virus has globally reached 37, 69,150 people causing 2, 64,111 deaths.


India is on 13th causing more than 52,952 cases and 1783 deaths. In this traumatic situation, India is the 2nd largest producer of PPE kits. On one hand, the virus is at crest while the various initiatives have called the name on its top like that of PPE kits.

India is benevolent, as it is helping various countries (including neighboring countries) by supplying medical help at this upheaval situation.

PPE [personal protective equipment] is a kind of protective uniform for the fighters and professionals from coronavirus. This kit includes a face mask, safety goggle, disposable gloves, face shield, hazmat suit, disposable shoe cover, medical cap.

kerala was the state with a high number of cases of COVID -19  is now having the least number of cases left no new cases.


Various initiatives taken by the prime minister of India have wreaked every individual to be a part of this war. Various NGOs, Gurudwaras, and groups of people of several societies are helping needy people in getting their meal Healthy food packets, hand made and re-usable masks for individuals who are not able to purchase them because of the hike in the price of safety equipment. The creative team is making homemade Sanitizers and teaching others to prevent things from getting infected. This pandemic, war is affecting people of all grade whether its high middle or low.


  • Remaining at home is the most important step that we can take forward to keep oneself safe from the virus in addition to this there are various home remedies which one can entrap that no one can infect and be secure.
  • Wearing mask: mask which is re-usable that is washable and masks [disposable] which not harm nature should be taken into account.
  • You don’t have to worry about the actions that authority takes for the citizen, but every individual is accountable to make a contribution by making their family safe from this virus.
  • Keep a bottle full of sanitizer which contains a good percentage of alcohol as it cleans our hands more flawlessly than any other cleaning element.
  • Use Sanitizers on veggies and fruits before handling it
  • Wash your veggies and fruits with turmeric water, saltwater even can use alum water to keep our edible material clean and safe from virus.


The start-up of being and getting digital is now like getting something out of the system. Work from home has made the work easier for the functional class to get things done.

This is again a time to fight against this universal war by the eventually pragmatic way.

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