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This new up – and – comer in the social media industry is nothing short of revolutionary. With a layout, design and user interface that draws from and surpasses other social media giants such as Facebook, MeWe is taking over enthusiasts in England swiftly. Further, Mewe boasts a plethora of features and has the best group chat system out there! Connecting with those of similar tastes and interests has never been easier!

MeWe has a huge selection of server chats to choose from. It can be accessed both online or via an app and we take pride in the fact that it is both ad free and secure. Users can safely share and view content free from any manipulation or hacking. User’s privacy is
The top priority of MeW, and are only updated with content of people whom they choose to follow. The content is presented in chronological order only.

As for the app, a brand new chatting system, customisable newsfeeds, disappearing media features, advanced chat groups, and a plethora of memes, GIFs and free emoji seals the deal! The app also comes with personal cloud storage. Audio and video calls are similarly supported. It really is the whole package!

MeWe groups have an age limit of 21, looking out for mature content or conversations of any sort. Links to England Mewe groups are provided below. However, there are rules and regulations set in order to avoid mishaps, cyberbullying and so on.

Rules and Regulations: Mewe Groups

  • Participation in the group chat and maintaining etiquette is a must. As these groups are moderated, a healthy group environment will only up the experience.
  • Bullying, shaming or discrimination of any kind will result in a ban. Such things are not tolerated.
  • Spamming the group, stealing of information, or forgeries are strictly impermissible. Suspicious behaviour can lead to a ban.
  • Sharing of pornographic content or unconsentual images to the group or individuals will not be taken lightly. Users are advised to report any such activities to the moderators or administrator.
  • Make sure to ask permission from individuals before texting them directly.
  • And finally, enjoy your time and have loads of fun!

With MeWe, you can be sure that your conversations, information, and shared media goes to the right place. MeWe was built on a trust based concept wherein the app moderators do not have access to the user’s doings on MeWe.

MeWe London group invites one and all to engage and try out our services as a means to unite, socialise and innovate!

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