Good habits for healthy living

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Good habits for healthy living Great wellbeing propensities can permit you to keep away from ailments and improve your personal satisfaction. The accompanying advances will help you feel much improved and live better. Get normal exercise and control your weight. Try not to smoke. Try not to drink a ton of liquor. Stay away from … Read more

Centenary greetings on the birth anniversary of the Hindu Kulbhushan Chakravarti Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan ji .. Who has to show mercy to whom, not to whom to educate today from their history

Prithviraj Chauhan is a very unforgettable name in Indian history. Prithviraj was also the last Hindu ruler born in the Chauhan dynasty called the warrior of Hindutva. At the age of just 11, he took over the rule of Delhi and Ajmer after the death of his father and had spread it to many borders, … Read more