Centenary greetings on the birth anniversary of the Hindu Kulbhushan Chakravarti Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan ji .. Who has to show mercy to whom, not to whom to educate today from their history


Prithviraj Chauhan is a very unforgettable name in Indian history. Prithviraj was also the last Hindu ruler born in the Chauhan dynasty called the warrior of Hindutva.

At the age of just 11, he took over the rule of Delhi and Ajmer after the death of his father and had spread it to many borders, but in the end he was betrayed and lost his princely state, but after his defeat, a Hindu The ruler could not make up their shortcomings.

Prithviraj was also known as Rai Pithora. Prithviraj Chauhan was a skilled warrior from childhood, he had learned many qualities of war. He practiced Shabbhedi Baan lore from his childhood.

Chauhan Prithviraj, the great ruler of the earth, was born in 1149. Prithviraj was the son of Someshwar and Kapuri Devi, the Maharajas of Ajmer. Prithviraj was born after 12 years of marriage to his parents.

This became a cause of disturbance in the state and conspiracies were started in the state from the time of his birth, but he kept on escaping.

But at the age of just 11, Prithviraj’s head was raised from his father’s shadow, even after that, he performed his duties well and continued to expand his kingdom by defeating other kings.

Chandrabardai, Prithviraj’s childhood friend, was no less than a brother to him. Chandbardai was the son of the daughter of Anangpal, ruler of the Tomar dynasty. Chandbardai later became the ruler of Delhi and with the help of Prithviraj Chauhan, built Pithoragarh, which still exists in Delhi under the old fort name.

Prithviraj Chauhan and Kannoj’s princess Sanyogita

When the tales of Prithviraj’s bravery reached Jayachand’s daughter Sanyogita, she began to fall in love with Prithviraj and secretly began to communicate with him. When Sanyogita’s father Jayachand came to know about this, he decided to teach his daughter and her lover Prithviraj a lesson.

Jaichand organized his daughter’s swayamvara in which the Hindu bride was allowed to choose her bridesmaid and every person who put a garland around her neck would become her queen.

Jaichand sent an invitation to all the big and small princes of the country to join the royal swayamvara, but he deliberately did not send an invitation to Prithviraj. Not only this, in order to insult Prithviraj, put an idol of Prithviraj in place of the gatekeepers

Prithviraj came to know of this thoughtful move of Jaichand and made a secret plan to get his girlfriend Sayongita.

On the day of Swayamvar, Sayongita passed through all the princes who had gathered in the assembly. She reached the main gate, ignoring everyone and He put a necklace around the statue of Prithviraj, the gatekeeper.

All the people gathered at the meeting were stunned by his decision as he honored a lifeless idol while making all the princes ashamed

But Jaichand still had to suffer a setback. Prithviraj was standing behind the idol disguised as the gatekeeper and he slowly picked up Sanyogita and, riding on his horse, moved towards his capital Delhi at a rapid pace. Jaichand and his army followed them and as a result 1189 between those two states And in 1190, a fierce war took place in which both the armies suffered a great loss.

Prithviraj’s vast army:

Prithviraj’s army was very large, consisting of 3 lakh soldiers and 300 elephants. It is said that his army was very well organized, due to this army he won many wars and went on to expand his kingdom.

But in the end, due to lack of skilled horsemen and the support of Jayachandra’s betrayal and other Rajput kings, they lost the second war to Muhammad Ghori

War of Mohammad Gauri and Prithviraj

According to experts, Mohammad Ghori attacked Prithviraj 18 times, in which he was defeated 17 times. It is also on the tongue of the people that every time Mohammad Ghori kept avoiding swearing at the hands of Prithviraj Chauhan while swearing and crying from his family to religious beliefs.

Repeatedly kind hearted Prithviraj Chauhan kept forgiving Mohammad Gauri and donating his life but each time Mohammad Ghori got a new plot every time With a new conspiracy, Prithviraj continued to attack Chauhan and eventually succeeded in his nefarious plans in the final war. Mohammad Ghori, who got dozens of opportunities from Prithviraj Chauhan, did not even give him an opportunity.

However, in the war with Prithviraj, the traitors of the erstwhile Hindu kings, the country is suffering till today and it is not certain how long they will suffer.

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